Worst supporting performances in a film?

Entertainment Weekly is showcasing 20 of its readers’ picks for worst supporting performances in the movies (I suppose they mean of all time, but many of them seem to be from the past couple of years).

Picks include Adrian Grenier in Devil Wears Prada, Joaquin Phoenix in Gladiator (tragically ironic: he was nominated for an Oscar for that part), Emma Watson – aka Hermione – in the Harry Potter movies (really? among the worst ever?), and John Turtorro in The Transformers.

And of course, the perennial pick, Sofia Coppola in Godfather Part III.

2 Responses to Worst supporting performances in a film?

  1. I thought Joaquin Phoenix did a great job in Gladiator. You really hated his character in that film.


  2. danielleeyre says:

    No, I absolutely agree with you. I think Joaquin Phoenix is an amazing actor and with this particular part, managed to turn out a complex and even sometimes sympathetic portrayal of what could have been a stock evil character.

    The placement of Joaquin Phoenix on the list is not my choice (as it is Entertainment Weekly’s list) and I thought it was, as I said, a tragically ironic and quite surprising choice.

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