Harry Potter auction

If you’ve got some thousands to spare (I’ve got mine, you know, just safely tucked away in my underground vault), The Catie Hoch Foundation is auctioning off signed copies of all 7 Harry Potter books to benefit children with cancer. The bidding started on August 23rd and ends September 21st.

So if you’re a high roller, go on the site and post a bid! If you win, you can always say it was for charity and not just because you desperately wanted a signed copy of a Harry Potter book. I’m sure some people will believe you.

On August 29th, the highest bid was $5,500. Considering that a full set of first edition Harry Potter books (with the first book signed) is selling for up to about $45,000 through the Antiquarian Booksellers Association, I would unfortunately guess that it will probably not end there.

Not to mention the fact that just one first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone recently sold at auction for $18,000.

I would have bid on that one, of course, but I’m, um, just waiting for the opportune moment. Any lifetime now.

2 Responses to Harry Potter auction

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  2. […] bidding started on Monday and ends September 26, so if your money isn’t all tied up in that Harry Potter auction (which now also ends the 26th), go here to bid […]

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