Why Pixar’s new short is so awesome

You may not want to see “Ratatouille.” You may not like watching rats cook, or scurry in huge hoards around homes and kitchens. Okay. Point taken. However, you just can’t deny the awesomeness of the Pixar alien short (“Lifted”) introduced before its rats-are-people-too flick.

If you haven’t seen it yet, enjoy! If you have, you know you just can’t wait to watch it again (and again).

Here’s hoping Pixar’s other alien venture, Wall-E, is just as good.

(Not set to original music – sorry, best I can find! If you don’t like the additional soundtrack, it’s just as funny on mute.)


3 Responses to Why Pixar’s new short is so awesome

  1. toastarcade says:

    I love that short! And I was surprised at how I enjoyed Rattatouille, I mean I know Pixar is good but I thought I was too old for it, but it still was good. I’d have to say though my favourite short from pixar is the bounding one with the jack rabbit and the sheep.

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