Win a part in new Will Ferrell movie

Only 6 more days left to become a movie star! (or, well, an extra – but hey, think of the Kraft services table!)

To raise money for his friend’s charity, Cancer for College, Will Ferrell is auctioning off a role in his upcoming movie, Step Brothers. According to USAToday,

Ferrell will announce the winner on Sept. 27, and that person will meet the actor the next day at the 14th annual Cancer for College golf tournament dinner at Temecula Creek Inn…

In October, the winner will join Ferrell on set of his new movie, “Step Brothers,” and appear in a scene.

According to, the movie:

…stars Ferrell and John C. Reilly as two guys who become competitive step brothers following the marriage of their single parents.

The bidding started on Monday and ends September 26, so if your money isn’t all tied up in that Harry Potter auction (which now also ends the 26th), go here to bid now!

And think, when your parents / significant other / nosy best friend ask what you spent some 30 thousand dollars on, you can say with pride “to see my name in lights.” Let the bidding begin!

UPDATE: And the winner is… According to People, “a Dallas man who wishes to remain anonymous… secured the chance for [his son] to play an extra in Ferrell’s new movie by bidding more than $47,000 at a charity auction.” That’s right. Forty-seven thousand dollars. That is one dedicated father. Mom, Dad – I think perhaps it’s time to think beyond DVDs for my birthday next year. 

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