Too much news to fit in print: comic book and video game movies

I like to think of it as a kill screen – eventually you get to the point where there’s just too much fun movie news of a certain type to handle it all, and you become confused and, well, okay, you don’t die, but serious writer’s block does become an issue. (If you’re wondering right now what a kill screen is, go see King of Kong immediately – or click on the “kill screen” link, but trust me, the first option is much more fun.)

My solution? Just provide the links in an easily accessible format so you can decide what you want to know. Lazy, you say? Perhaps. But what can I say, you get your news and better one okay post with many links, than many very mediocre posts with one link. I hope, anyway.

So here it is, what’s going on this week in comic book and video game movie news:

– In a big change of pace, Michael Gordon, of 300, Spider-man 3 and Ghost Writer fame is writing the EverQuest screenplay for the big screen.

– A movie trailer is available for the documentary Confessions of a Superhero. According to SlashFilm, it’s about “a group of people who make their money dressed as superheroes, taking photos with tourists outside the Manns Chinese Theater.” Awesome. What else is there to say?

Brandon Routh, the man of truth, justice, and all that stuff, is exchanging his tights and feel-good action for the role of Dylan Dog in the big screen adaptation of the popular horror comic books.

– The art director of Gears of War and other video games, Jerry O’Flaherty, will be directing the upcoming animated Thundercats movie.

– Director Xavier Gans has been fired from directing a big screen Hitman adaptation for making it too bloody. Yes, I can see how that direction for the film would be unexpected.

One Response to Too much news to fit in print: comic book and video game movies

  1. suadref says:

    awesome. brandon routh to act in another comic adaptation?
    Thundercats movie?
    I’m all excited already…

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