UK’s favorite film character

In a poll from Total Film magazine, UK fans chose the tipsy pirate himself, Captain Jack Sparrow, as their favorite character in the movies, beating out Darth Vader, James Bond, Indiana Jones, and Gollum (wow, way to work it Gollum!) respectively.

If you’re looking for more “serious classics,” look down at numbers 6, 8 and 10: Travis Bickle (Taxi Driver), Michael Corleone and Hannibal Lecter. Harry Potter placed 68th.

Granted, the survey only polled some 4,000 people – but still (and don’t get me wrong, I love Pirates too), do you think it says anything about the world that people chose a character inspired by a Disney theme park ride as their favorite on screen character?

Or are we just all really into trilogies?

Go here for the full list.

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