Halloween movie fun

Why trick or treat out in the cold for mediocre candy (and with some very determined, sugar buzzed kids) when you can stay inside and enjoy Halloween in the comfort of your own home? For something fun (yet scaaaarrryyy….) as we head into the weekend before Halloween, check out this to do list:



  1. The 7 Most Easily Escapable Movie Monsters (think pretty much every major movie monster)
  2. The 5 Creepiest Urban Legends (That Happen to be True)

Entertainment Weekly (A whole page devoted to Halloween ’07! Most impressive.)

  1. I Will Survive: 13 Lessons from Watching Scary Movies
  2. 15 Sinister Satans

(and look: celebrities in embarrassing horror movies!)


The World’s Creepiest Places


  1. Cinematical’s Third Annual Costume Contest
    [WARNING: embarrassing pictures of man and son in Spider-man costumes follow]

BUY (or, um, pre-order anyway – but “buy” sounds so much more dramatic)

  1. Spider-man 3 Pumpkin Bomb Replica


  1. Solve the mystery of the flickering jack-o-lantern at The Dark Night‘s website. It’s slowly burning down – what does that mean??



  1. Cinematical Seven: Best Horror Movies You Haven’t Seen Yet (Parts One and Two)
    [Be prepared for gory images – seriously.]

New York Times

  1. Joy of Fright: Old Chillers That Should Scare (but not terrorize) the Kids

(or, Epinions more blunt approach: Top Ten Best Halloween Movies for Wimps)

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