For all your superhero needs

You think you have a good superhero costume for Halloween? Let me ask you this.

Do you have:

  1. a utility belt
  2. a grappling hook
  3. a secret identity kit (aka, SIKs)
  4. powdered antimatter
  5. secret potions
  6. a map of super secret superhero hideouts in the New York area

Well, then, Brooklyn’s got you beat. You can actually buy all that stuff at the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. in Brooklyn, NY (and would I lie to you?).

Not to mention the fact that you can also take advantage of the store’s “Sidekick Placement Program” and “Full Serviced Capery,” including a Cape Tester that blows wind on you to see how the cape will function in real life situations (a must for any practicing superhero). I’m sure Edna wouldn’t approve, but she never needs to know…

However, make sure to come prepared, as any superhero would be: every paying customer must recite the Vow of Heroism upon purchase (seriously, no joke):

I [your name],
also known as [your superhero name],
promise always to use my superpowers for good.
I promise to use the items I’ve purchased here today
safely, and in the name of justice.
I promise to remain ever vigilant, ever true.

Staffed by volunteers, the store is part of 826 NYC, a nonprofit that helps promote creativity and writing among school age children. The organization, which was founded by writer Dave Eggers and others, heads a writing center for kids located – where else? – through a secret passageway behind the Superhero Supply store. Plus, a large portion of the profits from the store go towards helping the organization. Yep, that’s right, no aspect of heroism left untouched at this store.

The 826 organization has projects in other cities, and thus other stores that help support the program – because superheroes clearly aren’t the only group in desperate need of really cool supplies. The locations with stores include:

  1. Pirate Supply Store (San Francisco – the original one)
  2. The Boring Store (Chicago), which sells, according to the org’s website:

    Since there is absolutely nothing of interest in the store, you would be ill-advised to stop in, especially between the hours of 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. daily. If you were to come by, you would most certainly not find anything that would assist you in, say, gathering information, sleuthing, or disguising yourself. That wouldn’t make any sense. No, by no means is The Boring Store a purveyor of cough silencers, waterproof surveillance notebooks, or underwater walkie talkies. And I believe it goes without saying that we do not carry anything as odd as a suede harness for your carrier pigeon. Please.

  3. Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. (Seattle)
  4. The Echo Park Time Travel Mart (LA)
  5. The International Monsters Union (Ann Arbor, MI), devoted to:

…all our brothers- and sisters-in-arms, hiding under beds, in closets, and generally in any creepy, dark-looking place.

Well, I can’t speak from experience about those others, but the store in NY at least has got my vote as one of the coolest stores ever.

Visit the NY store at:

372 Fifth Ave. (Park Slope)

Brooklyn, NY 11215

(718) 499-9884



2 Responses to For all your superhero needs

  1. […] Pure fun miscellany – If you’re in New York, buy a can of EVIL, some powdered antimatter and other superhero stuff at the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store. If you’re in San Francisco, buy pirate goodies at the Pirate Supply Store. Seattle: space travel necessities at the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. LA or Ann Arbor: time travel essentials (Echo Park Time Travel Mart) and monsters-in-your-closet supplies (The International Monsters Union) respectively. Sound far-fetched? Fortunately for kids at heart everywhere (and, of course, actual kids), it’s not! For more information on these actual, real life stores, click here. […]

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