American Idol movie

August 24, 2007

It seems that Simon Cowell (he’s the mean British judge, for any non-Idol fans out there) has announced that he is currently developing a movie based on his hit TV show, American Idol.

The movie, Starstruck, will be cast through open auditions. Cowell modestly notes that:

I’m going to cast the lead parts through an open audition process across America. So if you get through the auditions, and you get a part in this movie, it’s a huge, huge deal.

He also compares the movie to Rocky, saying emphatically that it will be “very, very realistic.

No word on who will play the Cowell character in the movie (if there is one, of course, but how could there not be?). For needed credibility, my vote goes to Hugh Laurie (House) or Bill Nighy (Pirates of the Caribbean).

Another movie in the Idol vein, American Dreamz, did not fare so well, but good luck, Simon!