Universal Studios closing Back to the Future ride

August 16, 2007

But you do get the chance to win a DeLorean!

(I actually saw one of these parked on the street in New York a little while back, and let me tell you, they definitely stand out in a crowd.)

Yes, that’s right, the Universal theme park in Orlando has decided to close its Back to the Future virtual ride in order to replace it with a new ride based on the Simpsons, according to Box Office Mojo. Its last day will be this September 3rd, Labor Day weekend.

However, to assuage angry fans, Universal Studios is offering up an actual DeLorean (not the time machine itself, alas, but some may be fooled – and if you can get a flux capacitor and the right weather conditions, who knows?) in a sweepstakes.

For details, go to the official website here (UPDATE: This site is no longer available, as the ride is closed. However, go here for the official site of The Simpsons ride).

Now, I can’t say that I myself have the fondest memories of it – the ride, in which you sit in a replica of the DeLorean as it takes you through a virtual experience, made me slightly carsick. However, I’m pretty sure that it was a popular ride and, apart from the admittedly awesome Spiderman ride, is there that much else there? Couldn’t they just have eliminated one of the, um, “substandard” attractions at the park and replaced that with the new Simpsons ride? They must have some other plan, something up their sleeve…

Oh yes, that’s right, the new Harry Potter theme park, coming in 2009.

I guess there’s no need to worry.