High School Musical 3 – coming to a theater near you?

August 15, 2007

This may incur the wrath of starry-eyed tweens everywhere, but can I say – really? I was forced to watch the first one a little while ago with my younger cousin, and although I am completely aware that, as a twenty-something, I am not the target audience, I thought it was just awful. Painful to watch. I would have shut it off after the first few minutes, if familial obligations (and my cousin’s enthusiastic grip on my arm – she’s an athlete, I am not) had not prevented me.

And now, with the imminent release of High School Musical 2, there are of course serious talks about a High School Musical 3 in 2008 – on the big screen. I think I speak for at least myself when I say: oh good, another Big Movie 3. Maybe it’ll kick-start a whole new blockbuster trilogy trend.

Now for the good news. MTV and other news sources report that High School Musical 3 will not be about ghosts. Phew.

UPDATE: According to Access Hollywood and MSNBC

Reports surfaced Wednesday that the third movie is in trouble. Stars Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are reportedly holding out for more money…“Access Hollywood” has confirmed with their representatives that both Efron and Hudgens are still in talks to do the third movie.