Green Lantern movie

November 8, 2007

Well, it’s about time! Apparently, finally, Warner Bros. is on the path to making a film about Green Lantern, one of the last old superheroes left to adapt on screen. The Hollywood Reporter recently, uh, reported that:

“Everwood” creator Greg Berlanti has signed a deal to co-write and direct a live-action adaptation of DC Comics’ superhero “Green Lantern” for Warner Bros.

Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green also are writing the script, with Donald De Line on board to produce.

So who are these Marc, Michael and Greg people? Well, Greg seems to be one of the go-to guys for television, having worked on – besides EverwoodDawson’s Creek, Jack & Bobby, Dirty Sexy Money, and Brothers and Sisters. He also has a new drama coming soon to ABC called Eli Stone.

Marc has written for Marvel and DC Comics, as well as for TV (including, unfortunately, CSI: Miami…), and Michael has also written for TV (Heroes and Smallville – phew!) and, naturally, comics.

Of course, this is all assuming that any film and TV writers will ever write again… okay, yes, that’s a bit of a hyperbole, but still, here’s hoping the film’s production schedule is flexible!

Click here for some of Marc’s thoughts on the strike.

And no word on whether or not this will work in conjunction with the new Justice League of America movie, although the team behind that film doesn’t seem too keen on cross-promotion, considering their total non-interest in hiring Christian Bale or Brandon Routh (although potentially Tom Welling?).


Comic book movies that should be made

September 22, 2007

The Best Week Ever website recently posted a list of superheroes that it thinks should appear in the movies in the near future. The choices range from the expected (The Flash and, yes, please just make this already! – The Green Lantern) to the unexpected (Quail Man – no, you’re not mistaken, they are referring to the superhero alter-ego of a certain animated Nickelodeon character), but I’m not going to take this time to either criticize or praise their choices. Instead, they got me to thinking.

Sure, all of these superheroes would be fun to watch, but what about branching out a bit more to the “everyday superheroes” in comic books and graphic novels. With the recent critical success of the film adaptations of Persepolis, American Splendor and, for the most part, Sin City, and the huge commercial success of 300, why not look at some of the “alternative” options out there?

Here then are the comic stories that I personally think should be made into film at the earliest available opportunity.

5. Strangers in Paradise – Terry Moore

In these days of Desperate Housewives, Footballers’ Wives, and, well, Kill Bill, what could be better than a film adaptation of Moore’s brilliant and soapy tale of two friends and their tumultuous friendships, romantic relationships and, of course, sinister crime-ridden pasts? I don’t know why it’s not being made already.

4. Bone – Jeff Smith

This highly critically acclaimed epic and comic tale of three cousins – not human, but rather cute little creatures that kind of look like humanoid, um, bones – and their fantastical journeys would make an amazing animated tale from a studio like Pixar (toys, monsters, fish, cars, rats, and, yes, superheroes – why not human-shaped bones?). With the recent release of full color versions of the tales by Scholastic, what better time than now.

3. Who Killed Retro Girl? – Brian Michael Bendis

Volume 1 of well-known comics writer Bendis’s (Ultimate Spider-man, Daredevil, Avengers) award-winning Powers series, this gritty graphic novel follows the investigation of two detectives into the murder of the popular superhero Retro Girl as they negotiate a world overflowing with superheroes. It seems Bendis has already tried to do Powers with a studio, and is working on a film adaptation of his other work, Jinx, which might star Charlize Theron. Well, here’s hoping Hollywood is good to Bendis – at least he already knows the unfortunate ups and downs of Hollywood from his satire Fortune and Glory (which would also make a great movie, by the way – it’s exactly the kind of insider skewering, sort of in the vein of Entourage, that Hollywood seems to love these days).

2. The Sandman – Neil Gaiman

Although Gaiman has perhaps not had the best luck lately with his graphic novel-to-screen adaptations (see Stardust – as many, unfortunately, haven’t), I still hold out hope for a cool screen version of Gaiman’s most famous work, his dark fantastical – mythological – philosophical ode to the god of dreams, The Sandman. How would they accomplish an adaptation of this somewhat ethereal and eccentric series? I have no idea. But that doesn’t stop Hayao Miyazaki from making, well, many ethereal, eccentric (and successful!) films.

1. Kingdom Come – Alex Ross and Mark Waid

Okay, I can’t deny that this is in fact a superhero comic. Not only a superhero comic, but, really, the granddaddy of all superhero comics. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, The Flash, Green Lantern, the whole Justice League all together in an apocalyptic superhero showdown? And illustrated in glossy, artful color by Alex Ross, the Norman Rockwell of comics illustrators? Not to mention, the brilliant scene with Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince all eating lunch together at Planet Krypton, a Planet Hollywood-style superhero-themed restaurant (the host is dressed in a Superman costume and they serve Supergirl chicken sandwiches – you get the idea).

Yes, I know they’re already making a Justice League movie. But here is a JLA story already pre-made, with that great “here’s a disillusioned Clark Kent 10 years later” perspective, just waiting to be turned into a movie. Plus, rapper mogul Jay-Z even named his comeback album after the comic. Need I say more? Make this movie now!

Honorable mentions:

Scott Pilgrim would make for lots of great crazy ex-boyfriends / romantic / martial arts fun (and, apparently, has already been optioned anyway, and will be helmed by the director of Shaun of the Dead / Hot Fuzz), while Courtney Crumrin would act as a perfect “haunted house”-type tale, complete with tales of mysterious nighttime creatures, magic, the fairy world, and, naturally, the social terrors of school.

And yes, I do realize that many or all of these might not translate perfectly into film and that they could probably never live up to my own imagination of them, but hey, that sort of concern certainly doesn’t stop me from wishing for a film adaptation of Robert Jordan‘s almost breathtakingly complex fantasy series. If they can make a movie version of Tolkein so successfully, and if Spiderman’s Sam Raimi has already optioned Terry Goodkind for a miniseries, I don’t think great film versions of these titles are so far out of reach.

Justice League of America movie – UPDATED

August 22, 2007

Superman + Batman + um, the other guys = ?

There have been rumors swirling around for a while now about a Justice League of America movie, but they seem to be gaining steam lately. reports that the Warner Bros. film, possibly directed by George Miller (Happy Feet, Babe), will probably “feature Superman, Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern” and may even be released before the next Superman installment.

Here’s what the potential stars say about this thrilling, or not so thrilling, news:

Christian Bale (Batman Begins) says he hasn’t been approached about doing the movie and continues:

It’d be better if it doesn’t tread on the toes of what we’re doing, though I feel that it would be better if it comes out after Batman 3.

Ryan Reynolds (rumored to be staring as The Flash) comments, according to MTV:

I’d love to see a full on Justice League movie done, the scope of which is just enormous. I think it’s something they can pull off.

Reynolds was originally rumored to be starring in a movie just about The Flash, but that movie seems to be on hold for now.

My thoughts? Thank god, finally! My boyfriend has been pestering me for years with complaints about the non-existance of a Green Lantern movie, and hopefully this will mollify him, at least for a little while. And if the JLA movie succeeds, maybe a Green Lantern: Revenge of Hal Jordan in the future? Maybe?

Note: Apparently, in 2003, Greg’s Previews (from Yahoo! Movies) did a survey asking fans to vote on which actor should play Green Lantern, if a movie is made about the character. Out of 17,821 responses, Orlando Bloom came out the winner with 22% of votes.

UPDATE: reports, via, that Tom Welling might be playing the role of Superman in the JLA movie. Wishful thinking or actual fact? It seems to be up for debate.

Go here for other comics that should be given a chance on the big screen.