I was biking to the arctic the other day…

August 23, 2007

There are some achievements that will always impress me: winning a Nobel prize, climbing Mount Everest (yes, yes, I know it’s easier to do now – but have you climbed it recently?), completing the marathon, reading all 4000 (four thousand)┬ásome pages of Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past.

And now I think I’ll have to add one more for its sheer nerve (and insane spontaneity): cycling from Scotland to the Arctic Circle. According to Scotsman.com, a movie is going to be made about James Duthie, a deaf factory worker from Scotland who cycled all the way up through Scandinavia and into the arctic around 50 years ago:

He had originally intended to cycle to Morocco, but changed his mind in France. He then travelled north, through Holland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden where, at Jokkmokk, he crossed into the Arctic Circle.

He did admit to taking the odd lift, as well as ferries to cross sea channels, but he still cycled an estimated 3,000 miles in the three-month journey.

Well, if he took a lift here and there, I don’t know… But I guess he did learn Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish sign language along the way, so that’s something at least.

The movie is going to be based on Duthie’s journal, I Cycled into the Arctic Circle.