Legislation introduced to restrict inflight movies

Because there just aren’t enough restrictions surrounding airplanes these days, legislation has recently been introduced by two Congress Representatives that asks for changes to the way airlines show inflight movies.

From AP:

Prompted by parents’ complaints about sex and violence in inflight movies, two congressmen introduced legislation Tuesday calling for airlines to create kid-friendly zones on planes.

“The airlines have chosen to put our children in a situation that I don’t feel comfortable with,” said Rep. Heath Shuler, a North Carolina Democrat.

He and Republican Rep. Walter Jones, also from North Carolina, call their proposal the Family Friendly Flights Act. 

…The bill calls for the creation of sections on commercial flights where there would not be any publicly viewable movie screens. It would still allow airlines to show the movies they choose on big screens in other sections, or on individual seatback screens.

Oh good. Now it won’t just be the snoring guy next to me that’ll keep me up on that international flight – I’ll get woken up by kids trying to sneak into the R rated section of the plane as well.

In any case, you know that (deep down) they’re really just doing this in a final, desperate attempt to quarantine those crying children in a distant section of the plane, lulling them to sleep with repeated showings of Clifford’s Really Big Movie. 

And who are the parents behind this legislation, you ask?

One of the parents who complained to Shuler was Katie Kelley, who said she was on a plane last February when an R-rated movie with “a lot of nudity” was shown. She said she was traveling without her children, ages 4 and 7, but was still bothered by the situation.

Man, the planes that I’ve been on without those (sigh, wonderful) little individual screens only ever show Just My Luck and She’s the Man. Clearly I need to change airlines.

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